The Spleen and Why Your Fat Loss Plan May Not Be Working

 Fat Loss Plan May Not Be Working

When you think of losing fat, the spleen is probably not a topic that comes to mind first. However, it should be at the top of the list.

Natural medicine (and Oriental), the spleen is the primary organ involved in digestion; in particular, its function is the "transformation" and "transport" food. What this basically means that nutrition is useful Spleen extracted from waste and helps the body to move to different organs, glands and other areas where nutrition is needed.

The strongest is the function of the spleen, the better you are able to remove food from food. When you eat, the question is not whether a particular food is really good for you, but how your spleen can remove his food. As such, the initial phase of any re-design of fat loss program, weight loss or body should be to strengthen the spleen.

Who is it? These are the main ways:

Virtually the whole exercise will contribute to the spleen every time weighted by stretching and relaxation. In other words, make sure it is balanced.

When you eat, but they do not eat anything ... to focus and enjoy the food itself. No eating and working or watching TV, etc. This leads to a weakening of the spleen and maldigestion.

Eating foods that are yellow, brown or gold, most of the time. Examples would be yellow squash, miso soup, tofu, etc. yellow is considered to strengthen the spleen.

Reduce sugar and dairy products. Excess sugar and dairy products weaken faster than any rate. A little is good, but the volume and frequency are large keys here.

Excessive consumption of cold foods damage or weaken the spleen. This includes many raw foods as well.

Excessive consumption of calories overall will weaken especially the spleen. Have you noticed how many people get sick after the holidays? A major reason is that huge amounts of food, especially poor food (s) eaten quality considerably weaken the spleen. The spleen is one of the main organs involved in immunity. The strongest is the spleen, strengthens the immune system will be. And vice versa.

Too much liquid with meals. His spleen do not like too much liquid with meals. Some hot liquid is useful but too diluted share his spleen and weak digestion.

If you were involved in this type of eating pattern, you may notice the signs and symptoms associated with typical low rate. They understand:

Swelling or fatigue after eating;
Pain or abdominal discomfort
Bad energy and a general feeling of heaviness. The spleen is a major organ associated with energy production.
Confused thinking and poor memory
Poor appetite or overeating, lack of appetite, although it is more common
Digestive disorders
Poor taste
Food sensitivities or food allergies

"Rebuilding" rate in terms of improving its function is a process usually 08/12 weeks. A person must agree to avoid the above mentioned foods and focuses on healthy eating, times (spleen like regular eating habits, such as breakfast at 8, lunch at noon and dinner at 6 little or no regular meal change) and exercise. Herbs such as HGH Plus, hyssop, Codonopsis or Hawthorne. Digestive enzymes with each meal is a must. In addition, the whole spleen extract can be of great value.

Be consistent for a period of 2 or 3 months, the results can be spectacular!

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