Losing Weight - Staying Fit, Feeling Healthy!


Are you ready to feel and look beautiful season and for the rest of your life?

Here are some tips you can start participating in today to start on your way to look and feel more dynamic, younger and lighter for the summer through eternity. Here are some tips.

1 drinking water, water, water ...

Water is an essential part of weight loss. Most people do not drink enough water, so do not worry, it's not just you. You can lose a few pounds by increasing your water intake. The water of the due aid aid to weight loss because their kidneys need plenty of water to function properly and work your liver to help the kidneys when they are not working at full capacity.  

Once the liver steps in to help the kidneys, and can not metabolize stored fat into energy so quickly, which is one of its main functions. If you are metabolized less fat, fat remains in your body, which prevents weight loss / fat loss. My best description would be - when the body does not get enough food is said to go into starvation mode. starvation mode is described by the Health Net Welfare Organization of Consumers:

"The body responds by using its own reserves to provide energy, and these reserves are not only cuerpo` s extra fat. At first, the glycogen is broken for energy. Glycogen is the storage form of carbohydrates in our body. 

There is little glycogen available so that this energy source is exhausted during the early hours of starvation. When glycogen is used, the water is released which is noted as a fall in the weight on the scale. These labile stores replenished quickly when power is restored note that weight gain ". When the body does not get enough water from entering survival mode, so I could keep every drop of water stored.

In addition, your muscles need water to function properly. Did you know that our body is composed of 55% - 78% water? This varies according to the article, a book, or research you read. They are all different. They say that babies have a 74% - 78% water.

 Women and men have the amount of water in your body because the body fat that women wear childbearing years. Women comprise about 55% and about 60% of men. It is also said that obese people have less water than thin people. Counting water a person is mainly due to fat in your body, and the fat of the lower water, that's why obese people have less water in their bodies.

The amount of water you should consume 8 glasses of 8 ounce servings daily. In my studies, I read again and again that in order to lose weight the amount of water that you should take is half your body weight in ounces. In other words, if you are 150 pounds. you should take in 75 ounces per day. 

 If you are very over weight, your body has larger metabolic loads if you need more water. When an overweight person drinks enough water, while the weight loss, he / she will decrease the amount of sagging skin after weight loss (they say).

Extend your drinking throughout the day. I think it's easier for me when I'm exercising. Bring your bottle with you also make a difference. If you work hard and are very active, drink more water. Do not wait to be thirsty because then you are already dehydrated.


 2 exercise or Enable
If you have not started an exercise program, however, then you goals in a gym, health club or exercise regime. What are you waiting for? Always consult your doctor before undertaking any changes healthy lifestyle, be it a new diet or exercise program.  

Start an exercise program immediately after consulting your doctor. You do not have to start big. Start or join a gym, go outside or exercise DVD. Start with two days a week and work your way up to 3 days until the work until 5 or 6 days a week to achieve weight loss, then. Have fun with it. Maybe you find a place that has racquetball, tennis and pool also so that you can also participate in fun activities.  

You want your routine to keep it cool if you want to add as many fun activities as possible. Exercise of the most exciting part of your day. Remember, the change makes change in order to continue to make different types of routines. Cardio exercise / aerobics is great for burning calories. Weightlifting, also known as resistance training plays an important role in maximizing fat loss.  

To lose weight, you should use light weights so you can do more "representatives" (repetitions = the number of times the exercise is performed). You should be able to perform 15 to 25 repetitions. In the last couple reps I should have some difficulty. You have to do 3-4 sets. If your goal is to add muscle mass, then you want to do 6-12 reps and use heavier weights. They also face difficulties in the last 2 repetitions.  

Again, you have to do 2-4 sets. Unable to get the same effect by any other method of activity. Weightlifting Training / Endurance is the way forward to reduce body fat. It is so much that I am not including, this article could go on and on.

3 Healthy Eating

The most important way to change your body, your health and your alertness is to change your eating habits. If you still have that little belly and you do everything right, you probably have not changed their eating habits.

To lose weight, you can do a couple of different things. One would be to cut and eat with moderation. Eat half your normal portion of food and if you have dessert, share with a friend.

Another way would be to reduce simple carbohydrates. Some simple carbohydrates are: pasta, white bread, white rice, cookies, cakes and candies. This means eating simple sugars. Instead of these foods you eat, whether whole grain foods or want to eat more vegetables.  


You also want to make sure that you take enough calories every day and not be cut fat together. There are good fats and bad fats. The three types of fats are:


Saturated fats derived from animal sources. Is the type of fat that becomes hard and white at room temperature as lard, butter, margarine, etc., so bad fats. Saturated and polyunsaturated fats come from plants. It is considered a vegetable fat instead of oil that consistency is maintained at room temperature - good fats.

Eat your fruits and vegetables

Your parents do not tell you when you were a child at all. There is a good reason. Fruits and vegetables have all their essential nutrients. Eating raw vegetables provide many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber they need each day. Eat cooked is good too, but they did lose a lot of nutrients.

 Fruits and vegetables also increase your energy levels. They help lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. In some publications, it is said to help control high blood pressure.  

Scientists agree that fruits and vegetables should be the foundation of a healthy diet. If you really want to get the benefits of fruits and vegetables buy a juicer. What a juice extractor does is it gives you all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and sometimes even proteins and fats (depending on what is included in your drink), you must cleanse the body .

It really depends on how your body works the way must support lifestyle change to get you looking and feeling better. If you incorporate these habits into your life, it will be a healthier, more focused! Focus on good health and physical fitness and good health and fitness. Whatever you focus on what you get !!! Good luck!

This article is the author of advice, opinion and research. Please always consult your doctor before starting a lifestyle change program.

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