Quick & Easy Weight Loss at Home - How I Lost 30lbs in 10 Weeks Without Dieting, Pills Or Hard Work


The loss of weight and better still fast weight loss is easier than you think. People ask me all the time - Can I really lose 30 pounds in ten weeks? Yes, despite all you can. I lost 30 pounds in 10 weeks without dieting, pills or hard work. I will show how to obtain rights and loss weight fast solutions. This can be accomplished in seven simple steps. These steps are essential for rapid healthy weight loss.

Step 1 - Eliminate Negative Beliefs

The first of my free weight loss solutions and is quick to eliminate negative beliefs about yourself, your courage and beauty. It will eliminate the reasons of guilt and shame. I know it sounds corny it is most important to lose weight quickly and safely step. I call it the beginning of my EFT protocol weight loss success.

At the root of our problems with food are problems with us and stronger doses of shame and guilt. What is true for most people, but not everyone has his problems to appear on the outside as fat and extra weight for all to see.

Do not underestimate the importance of this step. We are not fat because we love the food too, have no desire, or simply because we overeat. The answer to our problems is simple but profound. We eat too much, love too much food, lack of will, and we are powerless over our addiction to food because of our emotions.

In this first quick and free weight loss solution will neutralize these negative feelings with more than just the food - which if not noticed, is how we have been neutralizing these feelings so far.

There are many free and easy ways to do this. EFT is my personal favorite. But do not take my word for it. "EFT and weight loss Google and find out for yourself.

His own belief is the most important. Without a strong belief that this will probably only attract and negative experience, despite the effectiveness of these 7 simple steps.

Step 2 - strengthening his enthusiasm

People have always ignored the power of positive thinking. This is especially true when it comes to losing weight. Fortunately, movies like "The Secret" and "What The Bleep" and books like Power of Intention Wayne Dyer have touted the uber-value of positive thinking, and we can easily apply its principles to get thin, so loss much more fun, exciting and effective loss of weight. You absolutely get faster results with a positive mindset!

A great thing to do to achieve and maintain a high level of motivation is to make a vision board. You have lots of magazines and cut out pictures of people, places, things and words that bring the feeling of being your ideal weight now. If you need to stick your face on a model - go ahead and do it. Do not be ashamed. Do what feels good and makes them feel excited and hopeful.

Place your photos and images with a piece of cardboard and put it in a place where you will see every day. Often look and feel good.

Change your photos as your goals change. Keep your cool and strong motivation. And continues throughout their weight loss journey. Keep daily.

Vision boards are not only one of the most fun, but also the most impressive solutions for the loss of rights and weight fast.


Add to traditional methods of weight loss

Now that we have eliminated negative limiting beliefs and put some positive energy in place, you can get more benefits than ever to traditional methods such as diet and exercise.

Step 3 - Detoxification

I love starting a weight loss initiative with a good detox. It's like spring cleaning for the body. I love the natural products like fruit juice fasting, detoxification of fruits and vegetables, or even lemonade MasterCleanse.

The initial weight loss is a big boost to their motivation, and the elimination of toxins lets start with a clean slate. Another great part of a detox is that it is a gentle push the body into balance, making it more likely that you will naturally lose weight your body rebalances.

Make sure to drink plenty of water. You should drink half your weight in ounces. If the thought of what makes you gag - then add lemon or lime juice net to make your tasty and delicious water.

Step 4 - Weight Loss Plan

I'm not a fan of diets, but you can get some extra mileage from your plan by coupling its expanded power to shape healthy eating and exercise.

When I lost my first 30 pounds, I did not diet at all - in fact, I ate what I wanted. Using EFT to get rid of my thoughts and negative emotional blockages, he did not want to eat too much as I did, and I, of course, I started eating less. I think it's very important not to deprive yourself.

However, if you choose a traditional diet - and many do - there are lots of big market. A quick fix and without weight loss here is the simple adage - just eat less calories than you burn

.Now, for the year. Again, I do not exercise I, except for walks with my son. Whatever plan you choose, you simply feel good and give you a good workout that fits your personality. As kickboxing or pole dancing, walking, running, aerobics, dance, or old full exercise in the gym - find an exercise program that works for you.

Step 5 - tone and sculpt

Adding toning and sculpting your plan is like getting your laundry, car detailed and waxed. Their findings will love. There are great exercises you can do at home as triceps, squats and lunges.

Step 6 - Supplements

In a perfect world, we would have all our nutrients perfectly balanced on diet. However, this rarely happens. Most of us lack important nutrients from our daily needs. But fear not, we can always get what we need through some simple supplements. Start with a great multivitamin.

Step 7 - Balance of Power

The last part of these free solutions and fast weight loss is to balance our energy system. Weight loss occurs naturally as the body is balanced, bringing the body to the normal toward the center. Techniques for balancing energy like yoga, meditation and tai chi are not only good for the mind, but they are great for the body too.

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