The Right Type of Exercise to Maximize Your Fat Loss and Weight Loss Efforts

People often ask , what is the "best" type of exercise is to lose weight and burn excess fat. Before disclosing these little spicy secrets, I want to assure you that you have a clear understanding of the importance of movement in general.

Movement naturally we need for our cells to function at optimum levels and express their health. We have a variety of movements on a very regular basis - daily movement is ideal. What is often surprising to many people is that, in fact, the movement which "operates" the brain. Movement, particularly of the spine and surrounding tissues, the massive proprioceptive information sent to the brain that serves as fuel for our brain. Whatever fuels our brains to transform our health is based.

What kind of movement are used as fuel for us? And the movement involving the following: endurance, speed, balance, strength, proprioception, agility, flexibility, power, isometric contraction, and so on. We want to maximize our health by including a combination of these movements in our lifestyle on a regular basis. This does not mean we have to be marathon runners or fitness competitors! Daily movement of some kind that build our health.

Now let's take a look at losing weight and burning fat. When it comes to achieving optimal body composition (body weight, body fat percentage and lean muscle mass), it is a recurring theme of success: increase your resting metabolic rate.  

Your resting metabolic rate is essentially described as the way your body works efficiently - burning fat for fuel, for example, to rest. Building muscle is the most effective way to increase your resting metabolic rate.

What exercise to build muscle mass? The number one form of movement that builds lean muscle mass is resistance training. This could mean that traditional weight training with weights and dumbbells and barbells or resistance bands, or other tools such as medicine balls and kettle bells and so on. You can even use your own body weight for resistance or do isometric contractions. There are so many options.

Then, to get the full potential of burning fat, it is important to integrate the intensity. Bursts of high intensity movements, followed by short recovery periods - also known as interval training - are an incredibly effective way to burn fat. In the case of the activity "cardio-type", it could mean doing things like adding more speed tips to your walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.

For resistance training, you can achieve this increased intensity by choosing challenging weights and fewer repetitions, as they move through the full range of motion exercises of the most functional, "world" of the squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups and overhead presses for example. This kind of movements "big" all incorporate multiple muscle groups and thus achieve more work and increase your resting metabolic rate more.

Also, by making full body work outs each time you work on strength training increases the overall intensity relative to a work break in some parts of the body on certain days. As for "spot" formation or target areas such as the training of abs and buttocks, there is a bit of misleading information there.  

First, you must focus on overall fat burning or not being able to see those abs or behind farm! You can always add toning exercises, but should not be the main focus of your work outs.

work outs that are shorter and more focused, with gusts as high intensity are the best way to achieve their goals of fat burning and weight loss. Gone is the time to get on a treadmill for 45-60 minutes or go for a long walk or run several times a week and thought are the best way to lose weight.

These exercises are "bad." Of course not. They are simply the best way to increase your resting metabolic rate as long as possible. High intensity intervals can increase your resting metabolic rate for many hours (even a day or two), while traditional old school cardio aerobic exercise can raise a little while after the actual work on.

This does not mean that you should stop doing traditional cardio. Remember, every movement is beneficial. My recommendation is to add interval training, both in their work outs cardio and resistance, some times a week to burn more fat. Variety is another key to its success.  

Mix your work outs for the best results. If you have not done any strength training, start now! Not only will significantly help your efforts to lose excess weight fat, but provides benefits on many other levels as it ages well.

So there is the "right" response to questions such exercise! First, pass somehow every day. Then, fat burning and weight loss, in particular, add 2 or 3 shorter work outs each week that focuses on high intensity intervals in both your cardio and your strength exercises.

Get ready to go out and buy new clothes for the slim body of yours!

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